DEI’s Easy Loom™ Split Line Sleeving Master Kit contains everything you need in one convenient kit to add protective split-line sleeves to an entire vehicle and is ideal for wrapping wiring harnesses for an EFI conversion.

DEI’s Easy Loom Split Line Sleeve Master Kit protects exposed wires, hoses and cables from heat and the elements. This can be especially important for high performance turbocharged vehicles where swings in engine bay temperature are common.

The kit also provides the means to create and maintain a tidy engine bay, thus minimising the risk of damaged wiring as well as making fault finding easier.

Self-wrapping Easy Loom is lightweight, flexible and simple to install. It is resistant to high temperatures and most automotive fluid. DEI’s Easy Loom Split Line Sleeves have a peak temp rating of 345°F (approx 175°C) and maintain integrity at a continuous 300°F (approx 150°C) with a melting point of 500°F (260°C).

The sleeving has a self-closing split design that has a 30 per cent overlap to ensure a strong secure install white still being easy to remove for maintenance and repair.

The kit includes five different diameter split sleeves (3/16in, 5/16in, ½in, ¾in and 1in) in addition to quality 3:1 shrink tube ends, silicone tape, nylon zip ties and electrical tape. As the kit contains all of the required sizes there will be no frustrating shortages that interfere with finishing the task in hand.

A list of online retailers is available on the DEI website: ENDS.