Burton Power has recently increased its range of Cometic Head Gaskets both in terms of available applications and the variety of thicknesses available. In some applications there are as many as eleven thickness options available.

Cometic is one of the most respected gasket brands in motorsport and have become the gasket of choice amongst engine builders at all levels of competition and street tuning.

Cometic’s MLS gaskets are made from three or more layers of stainless steel.

Cometic uses stainless steel for increased strength, corrosion resistance and its ability to rebound to shape. The outer layers of the gasket are embossed and coated on both sides with a flouro-elastomer rubber based material (Viton) for improved sealing and durability. The Viton coating is heat resistant to 25000C.

Prices vary with application and thickness but as an example a .066″/92.5mm head gasket for a Ford Cosworth YB/SOHC Pinto 2-litre retails at £113.00 inc VAT and a .140″/92.5mm version retails at £204.71 inc VAT.

The applications available from stock include: Pre-Crossflow, CrossFlow, BDA, Lotus Twin Cam, Pinto SOHC, Sigma and EcoBoost in various specifications and thicknesses. There is no need to hunt around when a quick visit to the Burton Power website will find the head gasket you require at the click of a mouse.

More details at the other end of 0208 554 2281 or via www.burtonpower.com ENDS.