What do you do when you’ve created one of the world’s best-ever car waxes? Well, if you’re royal-warranted car-care maestro Autoglym, you continue to refine and develop it until you come up with something even better. Therefore, after literally years of non-stop development, Autoglym is unveiling its extraordinary new Ultra High Definition (UHD) Wax.

Clearly not one to rest on their collective laurels, Autoglym’s crack team of white-coated boffins have been working tirelessly in their clinical lab to create a product that’s even more effective than the one it replaces. The current favourite, HD Wax, was well-loved by professional detailers and home enthusiasts alike, but UHD WAX has everything turned up to ‘11’ to make, applying and removing even easier and the results even more fabulous than before.

The first enhancement is a marked improvement in the depth of shine, giving paintwork a deep lustre that really ‘pops’ – endowing the recipient car with a real showroom fresh demeanour. However, don’t go thinking that this comes at the expense of extra effort on your part. Nope, UHD Wax is even easier to apply than its forebear, and with the rather lovely ergonomic wax applicator that comes in the kit, waxing becomes a pleasure rather than a chore – especially when you factor in the decidedly lovely fragrance that wafts from the tub as you apply it.

With a carefully optimised white Carnauba content, UHD Wax blends the very finest of ingredients available, but at a price that represents exceptional value in terms of cost per use – and with an ease of operation that makes it suitable for every homespun driveway detailer to have a perfectly prepared car. As the ideal way to seal polish and shine in – and lock dirt out, Autoglym UHD Wax is simply impossible to beat!

The kit contains 120g Wax, 1 x Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth and 1 x UHD Wax Applicatory and wears an RRP of £54.99.

For more information visit www.autoglym.com ENDS.