MK Indy back in production

Great to see the return of MK Sportscars last weekend now part of Essex-based Kit Car Direct. The Ford-based Indy RR remains available with kit prices starting at £2999 for Module 1 (offering a hefty saving of £780 if you bought the parts individually). The RR uses the spaceframe chassis designed by Dave Flavell several years ago and features inboard dampers.  By being diligent DIY builders can be on-the-road from around £8000, which represents superb value for money.

Debuting at the show was a new Mazda MX-5 variant of the Indy called RX-5, which again features a Flavell-desgned spaceframe  and prices for that one start at £2399 for Modeul 1. The company reported great interest in this new variant over the weekend, especially when potential customers learnt about their new turbo option, devised in collaboration with G19 Engineering.

Other engine choices for Indy RR include Honda S2000 VTEC and Honda CBR1000 motorcycle engine.

Standard colours are from the RAL chart and are: Black (CP14682A), Red (3020), Night Blue (3712), Yellow (3754), Orange (WS06972A) and Plain White although other colours are available at a £60 premium. Just ask for details.

Meanwhile, Kit Car direct was founded in November 2006 to supply Locost and Haynes builders with their components and body panels, although this has now grown to over 5000 product lines and a more universal slant on the range.

More information on this exciting return from or 01376 617 792 ENDS.