New car care brand, Smart Polish Pro has a very cool range of products that not only look and smell nice but actually go above and beyond the call of duty and make a real difference to your car’s appearance.

One that really impressed me is their Waterless Wash & Wax product that has been chemically-engineered to create a hydrophobic surface layer (‘beads’ basically!) on your bodywork that repels water for weeks at a time.

As it’s a waterless polish it is at its best without er, water. These types of polishes are superb if you don’t have access to a pressure washer, or a hosepipe or in times of drought.

Actually, when they are good as this one, who needs water! It contains carnauba wax is bio-degradable contains no nasty skin irritants and won’t damage your car’s bodywork as there are no chemicals contained in its make-up.

I tried it on my dirty BMW X5 it made light work of the grime and left the car looking very shiny and yep, with a soft-touch to the paint. A 500ml bottle costs £15.99 with a 1-litre version at £24.99.

More information from or 02033 711 710 ENDS.