DEI has come up with an easy way to tidy up those wires and hoses that come with added accessories – and there’s no need to disconnect them to sort out the problem, either.

Their Easy Loom sleeves offer a clean classy way to protect exposed wires, hoses and cables and the split design makes it easy to install over existing wiring looms. It comes in various diameters allowing for any number of new wires to be grouped with the existing loom. The finished result looks like a factory-installed loom and gives no clue to the new wiring that is housed within it.

DEI’s loom sleeve is the perfect way to protect wires, hoses and cables from abrasion, chemicals and the elements and keeps the engine bay clean and tidy with less risk of damage and breakdown. The kit also includes a 60cm roll of silicone tape for sealing the ends.

The product is American-made and available in multiple diameters from 5mm up to 38mm.

More information from or their UK distributor, ENDS.