If you are old enough to remember 1985 – the last year that the original Gulf Oil Corporation existed as an independent company – the name ‘Gulf’ will conjure up images of incredible Le Mans cars such as Porsches, Ford GT-40s and Aston Martins in their stunning pale blue and orange liveries.

Now Gulf is back! You’ve probably noticed petrol stations being re-branded with the Gulf corporate identity and there’s a lot more to come according to the company.

Take for instance these brand new Gulf wheel trims. For years plastic wheel trims were seen as a cheap alternative to more expensive alloy wheels, but these new trims offer attractive designs in better quality finishes than the cheap Far Eastern wheel trims that we’ve become accustomed to.

The Gulf wheel trims feature secure metal spring attachments, which means that having to secure your trims with cable ties will be a thing of the past. Each trim also sports the genuine Gulf logo as a centre badge to affirm the part’s pedigree.

If you are one of the growing number of motorists who take the sensible decision to fit winter tyres you can use plain steel wheels to save your expensive alloys from the corrosive effects of winter road salt and enhance them with economic Gulf Wheel Trims.

Gulf Wheel Trims are available ito fit 13in, 14in, 15in and 16in diameter wheels and come in a choice of Black, Silver, Black/Grey or Black/Silver. Prices start at £27.08 for a boxed set of four.

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