J-B Weld, America’s most famous range of bonds and adhesives for the automotive industry, has been back in the UK for over three years, now.
The products have been tried and tested in the USA for more than 40-years. J-B Weld is available in the UK through Automotive Brands, perhaps best-known for its innovative quick-fix head gasket repair system, Steel Seal and Power Maxed cleaning, additives and car care product range.

“It’s an exceptional brand and we’re very pleased to increase our product range, J-B Weld is a well-known and trusted product that you will find in most car mechanics’ tool boxes,” says Rachel Skal, Automotive Brands communications manager.

The most recent J-B Weld products, J-B Weld MinuteWeld and J-B Weld SuperWeld are designed to accommodate most bonding requirements for use on automotive, ceramic, glassfibre, plastics/composites/PVC, epoxy and adhesives to mention but a few applications.

MinuteWeld is a uniquely formulated high-strength, two-part instant setting epoxy. It is ideal for jobs that require a minimum amount of set time and provides a rapid fix, it ‘goes off’ in one-minute (if temperature is below 40F, then set time is longer) and amazingly doesn’t compromise on the PSI strength, which boasts an incredible 2850 PSI.

It has an RRP of £8.99, with more information from ENDS.