news_richbrookIt’s fair to say us Brits love our tea and coffee, but when you’ve got somewhere to go bringing your favourite mug just isn’t practical and even less so when your car has no cup holders!

Richbrook’s stainless steel, insulated ‘Thermo Travel Mug with Holder’ fits ALL vehicles by neatly slotting inside the widow seal, ideal as cup holders are not included on thousands of vehicles – in particular kitcars.

The product features a rather a neat, leak-proof, ‘open and close’ button so your drink of choice is virtually impossible to spill, and it’s a rather pretty piece of kit to boot to, featuring the classic Richbrook logo within an elegant design.

It promises to keep hot drinks hot and cool drinks cool for several hours – The best of both worlds. Whether you need your fix on the move, at a car show, while strolling, camping or walking the dog, Richbrook’s Thermo Travel Mug & Holder will guarantee you’ve got a hot or cold beverage to hand, and clean trousers and carpets too.

Priced at £14.95 you can get one from or 01328 862 387 ENDS.