Transporting luggage, furniture or other items on the road can prove to be a hazardous task, particularly if you’re travelling with items outside of the vehicle, in a van or lorry.

news_ring_1Ring has engineered a new solution with its Ratchet Tie Down Systems, a complete, easy and intelligent way to secure your loads.

If there are anchor points to secure the ends of the strapping to, you will need a ratchet tie down with S hooks, (RLS12). The type of ratchet strap you will need however is determined by the shape/size of the object and where/what you will be securing the end of the straps down to.

If there are no hooks to secure the end of the straps to, you will need the standard tie-down Strap, (RLS11). Both ratchet systems boast quality and durable straps; which have been designed to secure your items safely and securely in three movements.

To unload your items, the unique un-locking system (red latch) will quickly release the strap. Its integrated handle ensures a practical storage solution in10 seconds! This feature ensures the ratchet and strap can be kept neatly together at all times.

news_ring_2The lashing capacity for both systems is 260kg (working load limit). The length of both straps is 5m and the width is 25mm. Applications and uses range from transporting ladders to recreational vehicles to furniture.   The systems allow you to transport everything you need quickly and with complete confidence.

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