The alloy artisans at Forge Motorsport have raised the bar with another British designed, developed and manufactured component. The Gloucester-based concern’s all-new and improved external wastegate sets unseen standards of fit, finish and function for the industry and is suitable for all high-performance forced induction cars.

news_forgeAmong the many notable design features, one of the most impressive is the use of a piston-actuated mechanism, rather than the more common, and less durable, diaphragm type. This product has been designed from the outset to cope with the rigours of high-level motorsport, being able to withstand large horsepower, boost and temperature figures for sustained periods, without any loss of function.

Although Forge has produced wastegates before, this latest design is has been engineered to cope with even the most ridiculously gruelling of applications. The piston body is produced from aerospace grade, high temperature alloy, whereas the associated hardware is even more serious. Featuring an Inconel 800 valve and Nitronic 60 valve guide, this unit has been tested in excess of 900 ° celsius and worked perfectly throughout.

The unit is supplied with three possible boost ports in the base to allow greater flexibility if the application is space restricted. Forge also supplies the wastegate with two blanking plugs for this feature, as well as the banjo outlets. The unit is supplied with inlet and outlet mating flanges and ‘V’ band clamps for 360° rotational boost connections.

The item can be precisely tailored to each individual application with the use of the eight different spring configurations that can be specified at point of order. These allow the piston to open at the desired point in small increments from 2.9 up to 23.2psi. In sustained high-temperature tests in the US, Forge’s test car ran several events with well over 850bhp, with no issues at all.

Priced at £313.80 inc VAT the unit comes complete with Forge’s unparalleled warranty coverage. Peace of mind and performance in one package!

For more information visit or call them on 01452 380 999 ENDS.