Car care manufacturers Dodo Juice has won numerous awards and group tests for the performance of their products, but the luscious scents associated with their range have arguably contributed to their success in the specialist car care sector.

news_dodoNow, due to demand from customers and resellers, eleven of the Dodo Juice fragrances are available to buy as specific air fresheners, allowing car owners to enjoy the scents whenever they want – not just when detailing.

“When we attended our first show in 2008, we waxed an orange Porsche GT3 with Orange Crush wax and we had people stopping and asking where the smell of fresh oranges was coming from” explained Dom Colbeck from Dodo Juice. “We knew we were onto something with our fragrances, but it’s taken us seven years to bring them to market as proper air fresheners. We’re sorry it’s taken so long. Please forgive us!”

Available in 100ml pump sprays for far superior dosage and economy over traditional infused-card air fresheners, this brand new selection includes all eight of Dodo Juice’s ‘core wax range’ aromas, along with three extra fragrances from some of their most popular detailing products.

Spray into air vents, onto headlining, under seats and even over the odd questionably-groomed passenger to neutralise unpleasant odours and provide a long-lasting scent. Priced at £3.95 each MSRP.

11 famous Dodo Juice fragrances are available including: Rainforest Rub, Light Fantastic, Orange Crush, Purple Haze, Hard Candy, Diamond White, Banana Armour, Blue Velvet, Red Mist, Born to be Mild and Rubbishboy’s Juiced Edition.

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