Jenvey Dynamics has just launched its new electronic throttle actuator. The unit is highly modular, making it compatible with a large range of aftermarket independent throttle body (ITB) kits for road or race applications, and offers precise control over throttle actuation to help optimise induction systems.

It provides durability, size and weight-saving advantages over OE alternatives and, at just £495, is also cheaper and more robust than complex, bespoke fly-by-wire variants.
“We have identified the need for a highly configurable, fit-and-forget electronic actuator that is good enough to be used in international race series, yet is more attainable than often complicated, cost- or compatibility-prohibitive bespoke fly-by-wire systems” said Jenvey Dynamics Ltd managing director, Mike Jenvey.
“The Jenvey actuator is competition-proven having completed its first 24-hour race on a GT car without issue, as part of a rigorous in-house testing procedure. We believe it is a perfect solution at an ideal time for international race teams, smaller scale set-ups as well as trackday and performance car enthusiasts.”
The benefits of electronic throttle actuation include packaging, idle control (especially during warm-up), autoblip with paddleshift transmission, launch and traction control, anti-lag, switchable pedal maps, controllable push-to-pass strategy, pit lane speed control and variable bank-to-bank control.
The Jenvey Electronic Actuator offers the ability to closely monitor pedal position versus throttle position, improve throttle control and ensure active closure or power down to safeguard valuable competition powertrain in the event of any component failure. The unit is tested to function in the temperature range of -20 to 140 degC, weighs just 500gm and has a maximum torque capacity of 3600Nmm, allowing throttle opening times of less than 0.1 seconds from 10 per cent to 90 per cent throttle.
The Electronic Actuator, which requires standalone ECU control, is compatible with all Jenvey ITB kits, including its new downdraft SFD and SFD taper kits for the popular Chevrolet LS3 V8 engine. For further details of its range of induction components, including kits for engines by Cosworth, Porsche and BMW, more from ENDS.