news_foliatecFOLIATEC® has been making car wrapping films for years and has made quite a success of it – most of those beige taxis you see all over Germany are wrapped in FOLIATEC film. But when it comes to DIY use most of us shy away from film. The idea of wrapping a film around complex curves just seems too complicated (actually it’s not, but that’s another story).

So, a while back, FOLIATEC came up with a spray-on version of their film that anyone who can use a spray can of paint will find user-friendly. Now, they have taken things a step further and produced a clear gloss finish.

The new spray gives a gloss finish to matt or spray films and give them an extra
layer of protection into the bargain. Speaking of protection you can use FOLIATEC®.com Clear Spray Film to protect your existing paint and give it some extra gloss and also hide those tiny swirl scratches. If it does get damaged, just peel it off and respray it.

Use it to protect your car’s bodywork against insects and tar in summer and salt and grit in winter. At the end of the season just peel it off and respray. Want to paint your car yourself? You can’t use modern professional two-pack paint at home because the clear top-coat is too toxic to use without a professional painter’s air-fed helmet, but you can buy the base colour and then turn it from matt to glossy, and protect it, with a couple of coats of FOLIATEC® Clear Spray Film.

Its uses aren’t confined to cars. Protect your tools, bike, boat (yes, Spray Film is salt water and oil resistant), garden furniture etc.

Just ensure the surface is clean and free of grease. Then spray on two thin layers of FOLIATEC® Clear Spray Film and let it dry for 30 minutes.

The Clear Spray Film comes in a in a large 400ml spray can and retails at £24.99 inc VAT

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