Bulletproof internals create a foundation for high-power engines. In standard form, Ford’s 4.6-litre modular V8s are excellent engines.

However, if an engine builder wants to upgrade to high performance cylinder heads, or add nitrous or forced induction, the engine internals may be pushed beyond their design limits.

To solve this issue, Scat has just introduced ‘Scat Packs for the 4.6-litre unit that are made to withstand the extreme stress of a high performance engine. They are complete rotating assemblies.

At the heart of each kit is a crankshaft and H-beam connecting rods forged from 4340 steel, plus a set of forged aluminium pistons. Scat also throws in piston rings, rod bearings, and main bearings.

The Scat rotating assemblies can be had internally balanced or unbalanced to build a 297- or 300-cubic inch engine.

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