If an old lead acid battery is left uncharged for a long period there is often truth in the old adage ‘that old batteries don’t die they go to sleep’.

This isn’t always the case, of course, and we’ve occasionally and miraculously regenerated a number of batteries in the totalkitcar workshop, although the chances are improved with a new product from Rally Design – .Pacma 5000MA Automatic Battery Charger.

It features the following charging stages –

Step 1 – Removes harmful sulphate deposits

Step 2 – Gently starts charging battery

Step 3 – Charges to 80 per cent

Step 4 – Top charges, vehicle can be re-started

Step 5 – Tests charge retention

Step 6 – Reconditions deeply discharge batteries

Step 7 –  Maintains trickle charging

It is only suitable for 12v lead acid batteries (35-100Ah) and represents good value at £35.76 inc VAT.

More from www.rallydesign.co.uk or 01227 792 792 ENDS.