The RNHT48 Rivet Nut Hand Tool, launched by MEMFast (Make Ends Meet Limited) four years ago, has now been approved for use by all NATO affiliated organisations worldwide.

This very robust tool, made in the UK, offers great flexibility – it installs M4 to M10 rivet nuts in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass by using a simple ‘spin’ action. There is no stroke to set, it is much tougher and easier to use than conventional hand-pliers and is much more compact than lever type tools.

The extremely vigorous vetting and testing process operated by NATO and its affiliated organisations took more than two years and the MEMFast RNHT48 was ultimately chosen from a shortlist of six tools. It is not possible to sell to NATO – there has to be a need for a product and they will then take the initiative and make contact with a view to testing and then approving the product.

The key reasons for choosing the RNHT48 included high component quality and durability, ease of assembly and use, robustness in all environmental conditions, compactness and cost. Not only does the tool represent excellent value for money, the ongoing cost is negligible since the only parts that will need replacing are the mandrels – these are standard 12.9 grade high tensile socket head cap screws, which can be sourced anywhere and, if worn or broken, changed very quickly. Spare mandrels are included with the tool, incidentally.

A 10mm ratchet spanner is also included with the tool to assist with installation of larger sizes of rivet nuts and a special hex allen key is also provided to enable extraction of a worn or broken mandrel in seconds.

Because of its spin action, it is ideal for use with not only sheet metal but also plastics, GRP and composite materials as the user has total installation control.

For more information call MEMFAST on 01386 556 868 or visit ENDS.