We regularly get sent new-fangled ‘gonna-change-the-world’ products, with most of them pretty rubbish and/or un-necessary. However, sometimes, a device comes along that makes you wonder why no-one thought of it before.

Such a product is Pump Pal, a simple but nicely-made product that keeps the fuel pump trigger in its engaged position, taking pressure off your grip while you refuel your vehicle. If you travel in Europe, you’ll note that petrol stations there treat us like adults and keep the pump’s trigger locking mechanism in place. In the UK, however, it’s removed…

Pump Pal acts as the trigger lock, in a simple and effective way. Once the tank is full, the fuel pump’s auto shut off will cut-in automatically, although you can disengage Pump Pal whenever you wish during the refuelling process.

Pump Pal can be used with a wide range of vehicle, providing effective, pain free refuelling. Its ergonomic design ensures that attaching it is a simple, straightforward process for all drivers.

A neat little item available in a choice of four colours at just £9.99. More information from www.pumppal.co.uk ENDS.