Rust is a fact of life. To beat it you need to treat it with a product that′s tried, tested and trusted to do the job. Jenolite has been round for 75-years and removes rust from just about anything and is quick and easy to use.

The newly rust-free metal can then be painted between 30 minutes and 24 hours after application, depending on the Jenolite product you choose. Selecting the right product for the right use is important to ensure ease of application and maximum benefits.

Rust really is bad news. When water meets iron two things happen almost immediately. First, the water combines with carbon dioxide in the air to form a weak carbonic acid. This then attacks the metal and in that process some of the water will break down into its component elements – hydrogen and oxygen.

After this the second attack comes into play. The released free oxygen then accelerates the rusting process. Impurities in the water – like salts and acid rain – just make things worse. That′s when the ugly part happens. The smooth surface becomes pitted, blistered and starts to flake off.

Jenolite can help wipe out rust by removing (or converting) the ugly, flaky deposits to create a clean, stable surface that you can protect, prime or paint as you wish. Un-protected iron, or steel, will always rust that′s why you need a rust prevention cure product such as Jenolite.

Jenolite is available in liquid and jelly forms. As ever, good preparation is the key to a good result. Apply a couple of coats of Jenolite to the surface and leave it to do its work. The surface can then be primed in 30-minutes. Incidentally, Jenolite has its own specialist primer, too.

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