The National Kit Car Motor Show at Stoneleigh back in 1990, saw Andy Burrows introduce the Gardner Douglas brand to the kitcar market with their very their first model, the GD427 Mk3.

Very soon the GD was gaining much critical acclaim for its smooth, rattle-free road manners, roadholding and general performance. This was all largely due to their refreshing approach with the chassis underpinnings and body structure of their package.

The GD427 also proved itself as a dominant force in racing, with the stiffer, more agile car, so quick and capable through the corners.

However, it is the superlative engineering and road-going aspects of a GD that make it a popular choice and why the eager customers who buy them, tend to keep hold of them for a very long time.

The Bottesford-based company’s current Mk3 demo is now 15-years old and still going strong but Andy wanted to give it a little facelift. So, he and the team at GD have devised a cool wheel-arch kit that can either be moulded-in or retro-fitted to existing cars thus allowing similar wheel and tyre options as the current generation Mk4 version.

In most cases the kit cleverly allows the re-use of the existing wheels by swapping front to rear and replacing the front outer rims. The picture attached is of the standard Mk3 demonstrator with the re-worked version featuring the wider, more aggressive stance, getting its first outing at this year’s Stoneleigh show along with other superb examples of the Gardner Douglas marque.

I’m sure that for lots of folk, a call to the GD stand is their first port of call. Last year, such was the standard of exhibits, I’m certain that I heard jaws hitting the ground from across the hall….

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