Now you can check your vehicle’s geometry without the need for ramps or jacks. All you need is a flat floor surface. Just drive straight on to the new B-G ultra-thin EZ Sweep Castor Slip Plates and take your measurements.

With 20 degrees of rotation, the EZ Sweep Castor Slip Plates can measure castor, camber and kingpin inclination angles. The secret to this unique product lies in the use of a PTFE-coated surface, which enables it to slip through the measuring arc without the need of messy grease or bulky bearings.

The plates have been robustly constructed with a stainless steel base and they can be placed on top of scale pads or used directly on the garage floor. The EZ Sweep Castor Slip Plates are sold in pairs and have an RRP of £239.99 inc VAT.

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