ARP – the world-leader in fastener technology has just released a new Custom Age 625+® head stud kit for pre-1993 Chevy Gen lll/LS series small block applications.

Part No. 234-4313 – includes a set of twenty Custom Age 625+® head studs, twenty parallel

ground washers, twenty 8740 chrome moly steel 12 pt nuts, ten 8740 8mm studs and the

appropriate fasteners, which secure the intake side of the cylinder head to the engine

block. 234-4313 also includes a ½-oz pack of ARP Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant.

All Custom Age 625+® studs are centreless ground, heat-treated prior to thread rolling and

machining, and are nominally rated at More >


Whenever you strip an engine down it’s vital to keep all the components you remove from the cylinder head in the same order for rebuilding, if you want to avoid a little bag of orphan nuts and bolts!

Traditionally mechanics used a piece of cardboard punched with holes to keep the valves in the right order, but Burton Power has a better and more professional solution…

The new Cylinder Head Component Storage Rack is a strong and rigid rack with integral trays big enough to accept camshafts, valves, springs, rockers and collets all in exactly the correct order ready for re-assembly.

There are More >


Cat Cams NV has recently launched a new complete kit of high performance engine parts for another the 2-litre and 2.3-litre Ford Duratec engines.

Consisting of a motorsport-suited camshaft, con-rod, piston and valvetrain kit, the Cat Cams engine package for the Ford Duratec engine provides outstanding value for professional and DIY engine builders.

This takes the pain out of sourcing a variety of parts from several suppliers – making Cat Cams NV a ‘one stop shop’ during the engine build process for engine builders looking to build a reliable high performance Duratec engine.

Customers can also be confident that all components are designed More >


Cosworth’s range of big valve cylinder heads is now greater than ever. Applications are now available for Subaru WRX, Nissan VQ35 (including Rev Up version), Mitsubishi Evo V through to X, and the Ford Duratec.

The Nissan GT-R (VR38DETT) and Toyota/Lotus (2ZZ-GE) are due to be added during 2012. In creating their cylinder heads, Cosworth carefully evaluate and test the original to

establish the improvements required to meet the target performance level. Hours of testing

and flow bench validation are used to determine the best advanced port design yielding maximum usable power and response.

Port velocity is maintained to ensure drivability and valve-train components More >


GAZ Suspension has just released their 2012 catalogue, which includes the full range of GAZ

GHA coilovers, GAZ GOLD fully-adjustable coil-overs, GAZ Shocks and a whole host of other products including their new Monotube dampers and adjustable top-mount kits.

This year, GAZ is sponsoring more race series than ever and are supplying competitors with the required suspension. So, if you plan to get involved in clubman racing, classic racing or just want to improve your car’s handling for the road and/or trackdays this is where the upgrade starts.

The catalogue is available free – visit www.gazshocks.com or for the kitcar market visit www.dampertech.co.uk ENDS.

More >


Team MEV, consisting of ROAD TRACK RACE and Mills Extreme Vehicles have announced a ‘MEV’ build-fest for this year’s National Kit Car Motor Show at

Stoneleigh on May 6 & 7.

On Stand 68, HALL ONE, you’ll find a forlorn Mazda MX-5 donor car that each day (11am, 1pm and 3pm), will be stripped and transformed into a MEV Exocet, which is cool, but especially so given that it will take just EIGHT MINUTES!

The process will see the MX-5 body removed and fitting of the new MEV kit creating a radical modern sportscar with ease and speed. Of course, preparations will have More >


Four exciting new wheel designs just announced by Wolfrace Wheels.

If you’re after a set of 22in alloys for a Range Rover or a set of 15in rims for a kitcar, it’s all covered within the Wolfrace portfolio. Wolfrace Asia-Tec forms the first step on the Wolfrace ladder; the premium economy range contains a choice wheel of designs in varying sizes and fitments at hugely competitive prices. The range has recently been increased with four new designs.

First off is the JDM – a six spoke, dished design in Gun metal finish. A design that is firmly affiliated with Japanese car tuning. More >


‘How Fast’ is a competition………….run by Club MSV, the in-house trackday division of Jonathan Palmer’s MotorSport Vision operation.

Drivers are given the opportunity to enter their own (or others’) cars and test themselves against the clock in a similar fashion to ‘Stig’ on the ‘Top Gear’ track.  Only, on this occasion, the venue used is the challenging 1.8-mile West Circuit at PalmerSport’s superb 700-acre Bedford Autodrome circuit complex.

The organisers, Club MSV, log the lap times recorded by all entrants, which are later displayed on the league table on the ‘How Fast’ website. At the head of the leaderboard currently is evo More >


Major news from Road Track Race this week………..concerns their Australian agent, Southam Automotive Engineering, who has announced that the Antipodean version of the Rocket is now fully road compliant for that territory.

The Aussie Rocket has had a few minor tweaks to the chassis to comply with ADR regulations but can now boldly go where most rivals can go i.e. on the roads of Australia.

More information from Southam Automotive Engineering via www.southam.com.au or for the UK factory visit www.roadtrackrace.com ENDS.


Sammio Motor Company has been………….doing extremely well with their Triumph Herald-based Sammio Spyder kit that really harks back to the days of the specials bodyshell movement in the late fifties and it is certainly affordable as you can build a decent example from around £2500! The bodyshell costs £895 with an interior support frame at £300 (or £450 for the deluxe version).

In true Derek Buckler and Dick Shattock style you can also select from several body types for the Spyder such as fifties Lancia D24 or Mercedes style and also a centre bar a la Jaguar D-type.

Meanwhile, the company’s 550 Spyder More >