As well as being the fastest air ratchet available anywhere, the new 500 rpm AR38RP air impact ratchet from Mac Tools is designed with safety in mind and prevents shock being transmitted during use. The ratchet also generates an impressive 74.5 Nm (55 ft-lbs) of torque, making it stronger than any other mini-ratchet on the market.

For the mechanic working in restricted space under the bonnet or elsewhere on a vehicle, accessing and undoing fastenings can prove both frustrating and hazardous. Many will opt to use a standard air ratchet, but this can prove painful due to the shock generated, which More >


The last of the classic Mini models (1980-2000) were equipped with an oversized water pump pulley to minimise the horsepower drain and slow the water moving through the radiator to allow it time to do its job of cooling.

Now Mini Spares is offering an alloy version of the 4.725in pulley that will fit not just the last A-Plus Mini models but all 1275 engines.

The pulley is also ideal for use with a high-capacity water pump and will further assist the

pump in reducing cavitation in the water jacket, and order as part number CAM6408 at £54 inc VAT.

For more details contact More >


Space can sometimes be a problem when fitting a turbo into a modern engine bay.

SPA Turbo USA now offers a tight radius 90° cast iron downpipe that will help you retain full use of all your accessories such as power steering and A/C while removing the need for a costly custom fabrication.

What could become a complicated installation is now an easy bolt-on. The downpipe inlet mates to any T3 turbine housings with a 4-bolt, 2½in exducer outlet flange.

The downpipe outlet features a 3-bolt, 3in flange to the exhaust, ensuring superior flow. The slotted flange allows 45° articulation for maximum versatility.

Made More >


Fitting electronic fuel injection and throttle bodies to classics is becoming more and more popular. The conversion makes the engine more efficient both in terms of performance and fuel economy and also helps solve starting and warm up problems.

Webcon has just announced a new injection manifold to enable throttle bodies to be fitted to the eve popular Jaguar six cylinder classic XK engine.

The kit also includes a new Mangoletsi throttle system that has twin cables for added safety and a finer degree of control than the original throttle set-up. The original has 1in of free travel before the carb levers More >


After 23 years of MkI GT40 replica production Tornado Sports Cars has now introduced a MkII version of the classic Le Mans racer.

The MkII was the race version that finished the 1966 24 hour Le Mans race in first, second and third places to end Ferraris domination of the event.

The main difference between MkI and MkII ‘forties’ was the use of  a re-styled and modified rear body section featuring additional air intakes and scoops to improve engine cooling.

Tornado Sports Cars has acquired the MkII rear body section mould tooling that was used in 2003 to produce the three GT40 MkII More >


Ever since the days that discs replaced drums, brake dust has been the bane of every proud motorist who believes that a good car cleaning regime begins from the ground up.

Adhering to the old adage that prevention is better than cure, Armor All has launched its unique, patented wheel protection formula, Shield for Wheels.

Brim-full with the latest polymer technologies, Shield for Wheels creates a tough, long-lasting barrier against brake dust, road dirt and grime, while making future cleaning far quicker, easier and more effective.

With traditional wheel cleaners requiring a hefty dose of elbow grease and frequent application to remove corrosive More >


The historic setting of the Brooklands Museum at Weybridge, Surrey, hosts the start of both the London to Brighton Classic Car Run and the London to Brighton Kit & Sports Car Run on Sunday June 10.

Last year the cars were flagged off by motor racing legend Sir Stirling Moss as they set out on their separate routes for a leisurely drive through the Sussex countryside before joining up again on the picturesque Madeira Drive in Brighton.

This year, entrants will be heading to Brighton in time for a Fish & Chip lunch and will receive a solid brass plaque and commemorative More >


Cambridge Motorsport Parts now have stocks of the latest Ballistic EVO2 hi-powered lithium battery. This amazing battery must be one of the smallest automotive/motorcycle performance batteries on the market, measuring just 11.2cm high, and 11.4cm wide and deep.

Despite its tiny size this power pack turns out 28AH and has a cranking power of 500 CCA (cold cranking amps) The battery comes with alternative terminals and retails at £420 inc VAT. For more details telephone 01462 684 300 or visit the Cambridge Motorsport Parts website… ENDS.


If you are using a crate engine or a transplant engine chances are that it will have been designed to use electronic fly-by-wire throttle bodies. These are very difficult to use on another application so if you are running an aftermarket ECU then the electronic throttle bodies will need to be replaced with mechanical ones. Jenvey now have 90mm and 102mm throttle bodies that are ideal for this purpose. They offer very good progression and are suitable for ultra-high performance cars running 700bhp upwards. In initial tests they have been shown to work perfectly on Corvette LS3 crate engines and More >


The Ford Duratec has now established itself as a very tunable engine and as well as being used in the Fiesta ST, Focus, C-Max, Mondeo and S-Max it is also finding its way into all sorts of race cars, kitcars and transplants.

With this in mind, Piper has just released some new tuning parts for the engine…

Piper BP320 Camshaft – pair Chill cast billet £453.60 Piper/Cometic 86mm 030 Bore MLS Head Gasket £83.23 Piper Single Valve Spring Kit £195.60

Piper Double Valve Spring Kit with Caps and Seals £364.80 Piper Vernier Adjustable Cam Gear kit £126

All prices inc VAT. Piper cams are More >