A rare beauty - Sylva J17 - MGF-based

A rare beauty – Sylva J17 – MGF-based

Went up to Mallory Park last Friday to visit the ‘new’ Sylva Sportscars operation run by David MacBean and very impressive the company’s set-up is too.

A modern unit on the Mallory Park estate and you’re greeted by a cabinet containing Sylva corporate wear – sports bags, t-shirts, rain jackets and most importantly a superb new set of bespoke ETB instruments wearing the ‘Sylva’ script. Cool.

David is concentrating on the MGF-based J17, the last design from the pencil of the genius that is Jeremy Phillips, who founded and had run Sylva Autokits since 1981 until he decided to retire – enter David!

David is a serial kitcar builder, a Sylva Striker, several GTMs and an Ultima are on his CV. The J17 is a typical Phillips creation – diminutive, yet spacious inside, retro, yet highly modern, while the choice of MGF mechanicals is inspired. You can buy a starter kit or the popular complete package at around £10,000.

David has also done a deal with MG ROVER ‘black box’ parts meisters, XPart and can now supply all MGF parts brand new including, if required the K-Series’ successor, the N-Series.

More information from www.sylvasportscars.co.uk or 07968 262 549 ENDS.