Is it time to turn the heaters on yet? As a species, we are never satisfied with the temperature we are given, and always aim for ultimate control over the ambience of our environment.

If that environment is over 40 years old, made of metal, less than airtight and travelling at relative speed, then there are limited control options available to us. The most basic of which will be sliding some levers or opening a window!

Here is a solution to making that first one a little more special… Some new heater levers: ones that haven’t fallen off, cracked or faded in the sun!

If you drive a Type 2 Bay either 1968-73 or 1974-79 you are in luck as Heritage Parts Centre sell replacement sets of these sliders for a very sensible sum.

To get in on the action, head over to and search for part number 211-711-369 (68-73) and part number 211-259-371/A for the later version. Prices start from £20.50 and can be winging their way to you in a matter of days ENDS.