It is fair to say that if you drive a vehicle with power-assisted steering and it stops working, you soon notice the difference! While parking manoeuvres might negate the need for a gym membership, it’s probably still best to fix the actual reason it stopped.

The majority of T4s on the road are fitted with PAS and things may have become stiff in the steering department for a number of reasons. One scenario is that the pump, driven by the PAS belt, which directs pressurised fluid to the rack has failed.

The good news is that MEYLE offers several direct replacements for both petrol and diesel models to help get things steering more smoothly again, and as a German OE supplier of steering and suspension components, amongst many others, you can be confident in the quality you will be receiving.

Prices start from £131.95 and you can get your paws on them online at by simply searching for ‘T4 Power Steering Pump’ ENDS.