This easy-to-set-up MIG135TE welder is ideal for the DIY enthusiast, with power settings from 30- to 130-amps, and the ability to weld mild steel up to 5mm thick.

It features a professional style, non-live torch, which offers a distinct advantage for the inexperienced welder and it also has a turbofan for prolonged welding at full power.

It comes in a stylish case with a hinged side door providing access to the wire reel and gas bottle and it has power selector switches for easy use, allowing even beginners to produce professional-grade welds with ease, so it’s ideal for automotive repair and other DIY jobs around the home.

The excellent value 135TE comes complete with everything you need to get you started, including CO2 gas (390g), regulator, mild steel wire, professional type torch assembly, earth clamp, face shield and helpful user guide/instructions, meaning this MIG welder is ready to go straight out of the box.

The best-selling 135TE is versatile too and can also be used to weld stainless steel or aluminium when used with the appropriate gas and wire (sold separately)

Technical specification

No Gas/Gas Gas Only
Min/Max Amps 30/130
Mild Steel Capability 5 mm
Welding Wire Sizes 0.6-0.8 mm
Amps at 60% Duty 60
Input Voltage 230 V
Open Circuit Voltage 19-30
Power Supply Supplied with a 13Amp Plug

Available for £356.39 inc VAT via ENDS.