Mini Spares has introduced its new close-ratio MSG03 gearbox that features special heavy-duty 2nd and 3rd gears, laygear and a first motion shaft to match. This combination provides a quiet road ‘box suitable for engines producing up to 125 lb-ft of torque on naturally aspirated engines.

The MSG03 gearbox incorporates Mini Spares helical-cut extra-strong gear teeth (using the same design as the well-proven Mini Spares C-STN48 four-speed gear kit, but now, for the first time, available as a five-speed set).

The MSG03’s ratios are as follows:
1st = 2.583 same as Clubman set
2nd = 1.644
3rd = 1.250 same as Clubman set
4th = 1.00
5th = 0.865
An X-pin 3.44 final drive differential is included.

The MSG03 is sold on an exchange basis at £4114.12 inc VAT plus a surcharge of £400 refundable on return of the old A-plus unit in suitable condition for converting.

For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.