A brand new stripped-out track-orientated model has recently been announced by XCS Designs. It’s called the Clubsport and we’ll let XCS Designs’ boss Harvey Rice describe the car to you:

“The 427 Clubsport package was conceived after looking at Cobra replicas in motorsport and the research and development team at XCS has taken a ‘clean sheet’ approach and designed a spaceframe chassis that allowed crash forces to be correctly distributed around the driver, offering considerably stronger rollover and side impact protection. The added bonus is that the resulting chassis has exceptional torsional rigidity, which allows our camber compensation set-up to work optimally.

“Many have shied away from taking this kind of car into a competitive arena due to its inherent compromises. I’m delighted to report that the new XCS 427 Clubsport removes them all.”

The Clubsport is available in several guises starting with a spaceframe rolling chassis (excluding wheels and tyres) at £39,000, a lightweight two-piece GRP body at £5,500 or a factory-built turnkey from £98,000.

 More information from www.xcsdesigns.co.uk ENDS.