As part of their ‘fifty years of the Caterham Seven’ celebrations, Caterham Cars has announced that they’ll be moving to a new 54,000 sq/ft factory just down the road from their current home. They hope to be moved in by the end of 2023.

One problem that they have had is building Sevens quickly enough and they claim that the new facility will enable them to build over 750 cars a year.

“It’s fitting that, in our 50th anniversary year, we can invest in new premises to facilitate our ambitions, for the future of the Seven and the brand as a whole,” said Caterham CEO Bob Laishley.

“The site not only increases our production capacity but enables us to advance our manufacturing capabilities into a modern setting. It will be a fantastic new home for the brand, our employees and our customers past, present and future to visit,” he continued. We have an interview with Bob in the March/April 2023 issue of TKC Mag, incidentally.

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