Webcon has announced the relaunch of the Weber Twin Choke Conversion Kit for the Ford CVH 1.6-litre engine.

This popular engine is used in many kitcars. With many of the original carburettors approaching the end of their useful life, a Weber 32/34 DMTL manual choke carburettor conversion will breathe new life into these performance cars.

The Weber Twin Choke Conversion Kit can be ordered as part number PFO103 and includes a new Webcon manifold, a Weber 32/34 DMTL carburettor jetted for the 1.6-litre CVH engine, an air filter and an OEM air box adaptor, as well as a new choke cable.

The kit is very competitively priced at just £800.77 inc VAT.

For further details contact 01932 787 100 or visit www.webcon.co.uk ENDS.