New universal vehicle battery pack from Swindon Powertrain High Energy Density (HED) gives a one-size-fits-all solution to vehicle builders and converters and does away with the need to use reconditioned packs, although depending on where they come from there’s nothing wrong with them.

I hate the term ‘plug and play’ but these HED packs have been designed to be a simple installation. Two versions are available – 30kWh or 60kWh the water-cooled packs come with a battery management system (BMS) and manual service disconnect.

They are suitable to be paired with a variety of electric motors and also Swindon’s own HPD range of electric powertrains, of course.

The 30kWh units costs £23,400 inc VAT with the 60kWh at £38,400 inc VAT.

Meanwhile, Swindon’s PPD 128E crate powertrain costs £9989.99 inc VAT with the HPD 190E version at £10,353.60 inc VAT. These are designed for a transverse installation. The Swindon powertrain also offers a longitudinal range for rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive electric vehicles.

The HPD 128L (£15,259.20 inc VAT), the HPD 190L (£15,846 inc VAT) and the top of the range HPD 240L (£16,431.60 inc VAT). They are available with a choice of gear ratios.

The company also has a dedicated Classic Mini kit at £14,103.60 inc VAT, which would be ideal for kitcar use.

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