Burton Power has once again teamed up with Quaife and the result is a new Quickshift Conversion for the Type E 4-speed Rocket Gearbox (also referred to as a ‘Type B’ gearbox in some workshop manuals).

The Quickshift will shorten the path between gears making for faster and more precise gear shifting.

The Quickshift is intended for competition use and is manufactured completely from steel for ultimate strength under race conditions. It can also be used on road cars, but noise can be transmitted through the lever at certain revs and this should be considered if road use is intended.

Order as part number QS02 at £195.36 (inc VAT).

The Quaife Quickshift is suitable for Rocket Gearboxes as fitted to plenty of kit and classic cars.

For more further details call 0208 554 2281 or visit www.burtonpower.com ENDS.