Laser Tools has just released this exceptionally versatile tube straightener (part number 8443) which will straighten copper, stainless steel or aluminium pipe with diameters ranging from 4mm (3/16in) to 10mm (3/8in). It utilises seven U-shaped, grooved rollers, which can be adjusted gradually and held in place by using the thumb lock, to guide the pipe through the straighteners without causing damage to the profile of the pipe.

The end result is a professional finish – you’ll wonder how you ever managed before. Makes your hand-fabricated brake pipes look like factory replacements. Plus, it is important that any tube bending operation begins with a straight tube. This will let you match the exact bends of the original without dealing with twists in the new pipe.

The tool also features a fold-out tab that enables it to be mounted on a vice for ease of use. Ideal for use when fabricating replacement automotive brake pipe, or the larger-sized central heating or air-conditioning installation pipework (also suited for microbore pipe). For tube diameters: 4.75 – 5mm (3/16in), 6 – 6.3mm (1/4in), 8mm (5/16in) and 10mm (3/8in) tubing.

Suitable for the professional technician or the dedicated enthusiast who demands high quality and particularly useful for the classic or kitcar enthusiast. The domestic heating and air-conditioning installer will also appreciate its ease of use.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist — always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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