Looking to organise your garage, shed or workshop? Machine Mart has you covered with their vast range of Clarke Tool Chests & Cabinets!

A new tool chest in the range is the Clarke CBB205C HD Plus 5 Drawer Tool Chest with lift-out tote tray. The CBB205C provides four drawers measuring 575×261×49mm with the fifth at 575×261×64mm. All drawers have a capacity of 35kg.

Another new addition is the Clarke CBB312C 12 Drawer Tool Chest. The CBB312C also comes with a tote tray. It features nine smaller drawers measuring 170×361×49mm, two drawers at 575×361×49mm and then finally one larger drawer which measures at 575×361×64mm. All nine drawers have a capacity of 35kg.

Both tool chests have a full-width piano hinge which is welded and riveted onto the top lid. The drawers on both units lock simultaneously when the lid is closed, and that is secured by a single tumbler-style lock. Two keys are provided with both units. Ball-bearing drawers offer super smooth sliding action whilst each drawer has a full-width aluminium pull handle and protective anti-slip liners.

If you need even more tool storage, why not team one of your new tool chests up with the Clarke CBB213C HD Plus 3 Drawer Tool Cabinet? This new cabinet has two drawers measuring 584×380×73mm and another measuring 584×380×152mm. All three drawers lock simultaneously whilst there is a separate lock for the up-and-over cabinet front. This cabinet has controlled movement thanks to an elliptical chromed side handle and four castor wheels, two of which are fixed and two which are swivel with brakes.

If you are looking for a comprehensive storage solution, then a Clarke Side Locker can be added to your tool cabinet for even more storage space! Two new models have been added, the SL41C 8 Drawer Side Locker (Left) and the SL26C Cabinet & 2 Drawer Side Locker.

The SL41C has one drawer at 260x380x75mm, six drawers at 260x380x57mm and two drawers measuring 260x380x133mm. Each drawer has a 20kg capacity. The SL26C offers two drawers measuring 230x380x60mm that both have a capacity of 20kg. It also offers a spacious cabinet space for any bigger tools.

The drawers on both side lockers, like the chests and cabinets, feature ball-bearing runners for smooth gliding action and full-width aluminium pull handles. Protective internal drawer liners are also included.

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