Changing engine oil can be a messy job! And different engines have different oil neck configurations. When using a traditional funnel, one hand has to be used to keep the funnel steady, and if the filler neck has a baffle, the oil has to be poured in very slowly and carefully, or else the oil will overflow and spill.


These two oil funnel sets from Laser Tools solve these problems: part number 8301 comprises a two-piece funnel supplied with three adaptor caps sized to fit various vehicles from the Volkswagen Audi Group and part number 8302 is the same two-piece funnel but supplied with two adaptor caps sized to fit various vehicles from Renault and Nissan.

The assembled funnel is connected directly to the oil filler neck using the correct adaptor for the vehicle. This forms a tight seal, eliminating oil spillage. The adaptor provides a secure mount for the funnel assembly, so no need to hold the funnel steady. If the neck is baffled, the oil will flow in steadily with no leakage. The full diameter of the oil filler neck is used for quick filling, the transparent chamber shows when the bottle is empty. This provides a fast and effective way to re-fill or top-up vehicle engine oil – no mess, no spills.

For the 8301 set, applications include Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW models; for the 8302 set, applications include Nissan and Renault models using 1.5, 1.6 and 1.9L dCi engines and Renault Clio and Modus 1.5L dCi with the dipstick in the oil filler cap (OEM cap number 8200355344).

They are available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

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