The ECU specialists at HP Tuners would like to suggest that the company’s flagship MPVI3 dongle is the Christmas gift that genuinely covers all bases and will continue to be appreciated, long after the festivities have concluded.

HP Tuners MPVI3 is the fastest and most sophisticated OBD-II interface the company has ever produced. From vehicle diagnostics and data logging to scanning, calibration and more, the latest generation MPVI3 device and its VCM Suite software represent the only tuning solution that enthusiasts and tuning professionals will ever need for their OBD-II equipped vehicle.

Further information and benefits of the HP Tuners MPVI3 interface can be found on the company website. Each MPVI3 dongle costs £332.99 and offers unlimited access to integrated functions such as standalone data logging and fault code reading across multiple vehicles. However, to unlock the possibility of recalibrating each supported vehicle’s ECU, HP Tuners requires owners to purchase individual licensing credits at a cost of £40.99 each.

HP Tuners MPVI3: standard features

  • Integrated with Pro Feature Set capabilities
  • 8GB storage capacity
  • High-speed standalone data logging
  • High-resolution accelerometer
  • System developed to welcome future support and upgrades

While the MPVI3 dongle is the physical interface between car and the tuner, VCM Suite provides comprehensive scanning, diagnostic, logging and calibration software.

The software suite consists of two primary tools: VCM Editor is the programme that allows operators to adjust a multitude of complex parameters; and VCM Scanner is the feature-rich programme that allows operators to view, chart and log diagnostic data in real-time through the OBD-II port. Both tools are intuitive to use and offer higher data integrity and reliability than any other commercial package.

VCM Suite also offers standalone data logging, which allows the user to log directly into the MPVI3’s internal storage and collect live driving data without being tethered to a computer. This information can then be evaluated and customised at the operator’s convenience from a PC or laptop.

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