Martin Wheatley’s tiny boutique Squid Ink (isn’t that just the best name!) Detailing brand sure punches above its weight with some outstanding products.

Blue Lagoon wheel cleaner is the most pleasant-smelling wheel cleaner I’ve ever used.

Some of these wheel cleaners smell like a peroxide explosion in a hairdresser’s salon, while others smell like oven cleaners. Worse still are the ones that try and conceal the pong with flowery smells, which normally fail dismally. Lavender-tinged egss? No thanks!

Anyway, Blue Lagoon has a lovely bilberry meets cola cube scent, is safe on sensible wheel finishes and is also PH-neutral.

I used it neat, but it is intended to be diluted and used as a spray solution in a separate bottle.

A 500ml bottle costs £10.99

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