That guru of vehicle lighting, Gil Keane of Better Car Lighting has been in touch with news of yet another great product.

How often have you been annoyed that one small detail is letting down the kit or classic car that you have lovingly built, cared for and polished? Sometimes fixing that annoying detail can be difficult, because the part needed may not be available, or may require you to replace a complete assembly, just to get the one small part that you need.

Now, Better Car Lighting has two additions to their range which will help some people with this problem. Dozens, if not hundreds of different cars and vans made from the 50s onward used the Lucas L467 numberplate light and the outer cover often deteriorates far more quickly than the rest of the light and once it rusts, no amount of optimistic polishing will bring it back to looking good.

Now BCL can supply a new, high-quality nickel-chrome cover for just £11.99 inc VAT. Just five minutes with a screwdriver and your Cobra replica, Morris Minor or big Healey can be in tip-top condition again.

Similarly, the pre-facelift Jaguar XJS and a few other Jaguar models of the same era used the Lucas L925 reversing lights and the gaskets designed to keep water out of those lights shrinks and stops doing its job.

 If the rest of the light is in good condition, Better Car Lighting can now supply a pair of new top-quality closed-cell (not a sponge) neoprene gaskets to restore the integrity of these lights to stop them from misting up or rusting. Again, the cost is just £11.99 inc VAT for the pair.

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