I am a big fan of drying towels and use them as part of my detailing schedule.

Once you’ve rinsed the shampoo of your car’s bodywork you need to move fast or else you could end up with a streaky, blotchy finish, which kind of puts a dampener on the hard work you will have put in.

You can use a standalone electric dryer or even one of the little blowers that poodle parlours use for dogs once they’ve been pampered. However, I prefer to use a quality drying towel.

As with most things these days though there are drying towels and drying towels. Many of them are cr … er, not very good but there are some good ones around including my personal current favourite which comes from UK brand Duel Auto Care and it is quite simply brilliant.

Their Triple Twisted Loop Drying Towel literally drinks any water on your car and what amazed me most I think was the volume it sucks up. Once finished I was surprised by how heavy the towel felt.

What can happen with some rival products is that they don’t have enough capacity to dry a whole car, which is irritating. So, they start off well but then just move the water around rather than take it away.

I’d also say that Duel’s towel is competitively priced, at £16.95 (other top-end drying towels can cost over £20) especially given the quality and the slick way it is presented in a recyclable clear plastic (branded) bag. Professional stuff.

Weighing in at 1400GSM, 40cm x 60cm in size, and vivid green in colour, it can’t be missed.

Duel says it is engineered with soft triple twisted fibres enabling incredible drying speeds and an ultra-safe, scratch-free drying process even on the most delicate painted surfaces.

Available now at £16.95 from www.duelautocare.co.uk or 0161 549 9303 ENDS.