Gtechniq has announced the introduction of two new shampoos to their maintenance line – Gwash version 2 and Ceramic Gwash.

Contaminants such as road grime, dirt, oils, grease, traffic film and bird lime not only affect aesthetics – they can also do serious damage to coatings and paint. Therefore, regular washing with a good quality shampoo is essential.

Gtechniq has developed two new shampoos, one of which is Gwash. The second iteration of Gwash has been specifically formulated by Gtechniq to offer safer, deeper cleaning as well as being 100 per cent biodegradable.

Unlike many other shampoos, Gtechniq has included wetting agents within the formula which ensures the surface is highly lubricated, allowing for the wash mitt to pass freely across the paint surface, minimising the chance of inflicting swirls. Gwash is compatible with all coatings and sealants.

For those customers looking for an all-in-one shampoo that delivers superior cleaning and protection – Gtechniq has the answer. Ceramic Gwash contains high-quality surfactants and ceramic sealants. The high-quality surfactants deep clean the paint and provide a highly lubricated finish for swirl-free washing. The high-grade ceramic sealants add instant protection while you wash, delivering up to 3 months’ worth of durable hydrophobic protection.

Gtechniq MD, Rob Earle said: “You would think that a shampoo is a relatively simple product to develop. In fact, quite the opposite is true. While it’s easy to make a standard grade shampoo, making a high-performance shampoo is quite an art involving considerations of matching surfactants to the type of dirt most likely to be on your vehicle, as well as ensuring that the shampoo is not repelled by coated vehicles.

With Ceramic Gwash, again it was not as simple as mixing some shampoo and ceramic sealant together. Getting compatibility of all the elements and leaving a ceramic sealant that has a decent level of durability, is something that we believe we are the first to achieve with conviction.”

Gwash is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litres with prices starting from £8.95.

Ceramic Gwash is available in 500ml and 1litres with prices starting from £19.98 for the 500ml fill.

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