MST Cars launched their Mk2 Escort-inspired car a couple of years ago and this has now been joined by a Mk1 version, which looks equally as spectacular.

The all-new ‘shell is an Escort Group 4 rally clone and is available in left- or right-hand-drive form and with either flared or ‘bubble’ arches.

The car features Bilstein ‘Group 4’ coil-over dampers all round (Reiger three or four-way adjustables are an option) with the front fully adjustable for camber, castor and height. Meanwhile, out back there’s a six-link ‘live’ axle.

Brakes are AP Racing all-round with four-pot fronts (267mm vented discs) and single-caliper rears (with 247mm solid discs).

Power comes from Ford Duratec 2.5-litre starting at 200bhp with top-of-the-range models featuring Millington Diamond engines that produce north of 300bhp. Customers can also choose other engines such as a BDG (how cool would that be).

ATR throttle bodies and a Life Racing ECU keep things moving.

Four versions are available – Stage One (Fast Road/Touring) from £114,000 inc VAT; Stage Two (fast Road/Track) from £117,600 inc VAT; Stage Three (Group 4 Rally) also from £117,600 inc VAT and Stage Four (Ultimate Rally) from £154,800 inc VAT.

A long list of options is available as you’d expect over and above dampers and engine choices, including two-up/two-down spotlights and six-speed sequential gearbox.

For more information visit or call 01758 750 438 ENDS.