For years, Rally Design has been supplying the major components to build Atlas Axles, these parts include Blackline diffs, axle casings, CWPs and half-shafts, often exclusive to Rally Design.

In tandem, Ford Motor Company has done an excellent job of supplying service items such as bearings, oil seals, crush washers and pinion carrier shims.

Of late, the essential Ford parts are now difficult to source or no longer available, so Rally Design is also stocking – at reasonable prices – every service item, making them a one-stop shop for everything Atlas.

Price examples are –

Pinion Shim £2.14 inc VAT
Carrier Shim £1.08 inc VAT (pair)
Crown Wheel Bearing £19.46 inc VAT
Syntheseal Cover Gasket £8.34 inc VAT

More information at the other end of 01227 792 792 or ENDS.