This one isn’t a kitcar OBVIOUSLY but there’s going to be a lot of interest in this new Super 3 from Morgan, especially among specialist car enthusiasts.

I think the Super 3 is an outstanding thing and a suitable replacement for the previous model. Gone is the Harley-derived S&S Cycle V-Twin engine to be replaced by a three-cylinder Ford 1.5-litre Dragon (albeit with the turbocharger removed) engine producing 118bhp. If you have driven a Focus ST, then you’ll be familiar with this engine.

The S&S motor was originally around that power output, but emissions regulations meant that in later years it was strangled back to about 82bhp. No such worries with the Ford unit though as it appears to be future proof.

Unlike the outgoing model where it appeared that half the engine was hanging out of the front end, like on all previous Moggy threes, the Super 3 has it set back under the bonnet like all other front-engined cars in the world!

Notably, this is the first Morgan to feature a monocoque structure, using their favoured aluminium Superformed platform. Apparently, it’ll hit 60mph in seven seconds and romp on to a top speed of 130mph. ‘After you, Claude’ is all I’ll say to that.

Prices start at £43,165, which might be a shock for some. I had a play with the pricelist and I added an easy £17,000 to that price in options. In my view though this looks like a sexy piece of kit.

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