Here’s a very long overdue book! Written by Unipower owner (more than one!) and custodian of the Unipower GT Register, Gerry Hulford, it really is great to see this reach three dimensions.

Gerry has put his heart and soul into this, you can tell. His passion for the subject oozes out of every lovingly crafted page. The 172-page hardback book covers the full history of the car from its launch in 1966.

Although an original design created by Ernie Unger and Val Dare-Bryan, there’s definitely some mileage in the cliché that it’s ‘a baby Lamborghini Miura’, which came out after the Unipower.

By the time production ended at the end of 1969, just 73 examples had been sold. A criminally low number for such a stunning little car, surely one of the greatest, if not THE greatest of the sixties low volume production specials.

Thanks though to the efforts of Ernie and Gerry and his colleagues in the Unipower GT Owners Club & Register, the legacy will live on.

Gerry charts the full history, backed up by some superb photographs – many hitherto unseen – even managing to chronicle details of every Unipower GT built, plus there’s technical information including details on how best to set one up for the most effective results should you be lucky enough to own one of these highly sought-after little cars.

As one would expect Gerry looks at the marque’s racing history from its track debut in 1967. An exhaustive look back in time.

Great to see that our mate James Mansell at Panda Creative in Worthing (EMAIL HEREhas done the design on the book. Another super effort from him.

Available NOW via priced at £39.95.