New from Lucas Oil is Sure Start Premium Starting Fluid, which was specifically formulated to help start stubborn engines and is compatible with both diesel and gasoline engines in passenger cars, diesel engines, lawn mowers, chainsaws, outboard motors and fractional horsepower engines.

Lucas says that the 50 per cent ether blend goes well beyond rivals by also including an effective lubricant, resulting in the ideal starting fluid to keep on hand for starting sluggish motors and limiting the impact of extreme cold weather on vehicle batteries.

This latest addition to the Lucas range joins a number of best-in-class Utility products currently available to motorists, including Lucas Complete Engine Treatment, Diesel Deep Clean, Engine Oil Stop Leak, Fuel Stabilizer and Heavy Duty and Pure Synthetic Engine Oil Stabilizer.

“Starting fluid is an essential troubleshooting and utility tool for any vehicle owner, especially during cold weather or in engines that are difficult to start using conventional starting procedures,” said Shane Burns, Vice President of Sales, Lucas Oil Products.

“We’re proud to offer a new premium product that not only applies to a diverse range of engine types, but also incorporates the best-in-class ether levels needed to start even the most stubborn engines. Sure Start delivers reliable performance that car enthusiasts have come to expect from Lucas Oil,” he continued.

Lucas Sure Start Premium Starting Fluid, available at select retail stores, features an easy-to-use hose applicator that is perfect for use without using any tools.

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