This C-frame socket press from Laser Tools (part number 7987) is a heavy-duty, professional press with a multitude of uses, but its big advantage is that it allows the use of readily available impact sockets to be used as press adaptors and cups, thus making it suitable for removing or installing many different sizes of bushes, bearings and studs.

Six socket adaptors are included, two each of 1/2in drive, 3/8in drive and 1/4in drive, plus two anvil adaptors – use these in conjunction with a suitably sized impact socket from your toolbox for general bush and bearing extraction and insertion tasks.

The force screw is driven by a 22mm hex – ideal for use with an impact gun. The C-frame is 150mm long with a depth of 90mm. This is a robust workshop quality tool manufactured from high-grade steel for durability.

Jobs you can tackle include propshaft universal joints, small suspension bushes, gear linkage bushes, damper mounting bushes, and removing and installing wheel studs.

A universal and versatile tool that should be in every professional vehicle workshop. Available now from your Laser Tools stockist and typically priced at £376.64 inc VAT.

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