NEW PRODUCT from Jenvey Dynamics due for launch at the NEC Classic Car Show in November on stand 1-142.

Jenvey Dynamics, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of fuel injection throttle body and induction systems, has just announced a new heritage electronic fuel injection throttle body kit for the Jaguar V12 5-litre, 5.3-litre or 6-litre engines that promises to revolutionise the aftermarket classic and retro automotive markets.

These latest kits from Jenvey both use their new IDF downdraft manifold which have been designed, developed and manufactured at their single UK site You can then choose between the heritage or standard kit.

The heritage package uses Jenvey’s brand new Heritage IDF Throttle Body, this has been designed to maintain the period look in the engine bay of your classic car while reaping the benefits of fuel injection such as improved performance and fuel economy along with better reliability and tuneability.

If you are not looking to maintain a heritage look then Jenvey also offers their standard IDF throttle bodies which will pair up to this manifold. Both kits come complete with manifolds, throttle bodies. fuel rails, air horns and linkage. The heritage kit also includes the injectors and throttle position sensor which are built into the throttle bodies.

Tried and tested, the Jaguar V12 IDF Throttle body kit was tested on a Jaguar V12 engine which sits in the engine bay of a Cobra replica! During road tests, it was clear that throttle response and driveability had improved massively along with long term improvements with fuel economy.

The advantages of modern, electronic fuel injected intake systems are simply too hard (and too numerous) to ignore, with some of the key facets being a reliable, unbroken flow of air, extremely accurate control via advanced standalone ECUs, easy starting in all seasons, and of course, more power and economy.

The sole downside on a classic installation, up until now, has always been the aesthetic – something that the Jenvey IDF Heritage Throttle Body solves with its retrospective exterior design and exquisite engineering.

Jenvey’s attention to detail is evident in every key area of the IDF Heritage Throttle Body’s design, with the completely hidden fuel injectors and throttle pot both being perfect examples.

These are joined by a selection of air horns, the variety of sizes available allowing customers to spec the version that best suits their requirements.

All Jenvey heritage products are compatible with E10 fuel (and up to E85).

Prices for the CKJR07 – IDF Heritage start at £5300.

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