Merlin Motorsport has a dedicated GOODRIDGE G-TECH WORKSHOP with all the know-how, proper machinery and equipment to make bespoke brake, clutch, oil and fuel lines, air jacks and vacuum lines very quickly.

For DIY assemblies at home, they stock a vast range of GOODRIDGE UNIONS AND HOSES. If you’ve got a project that they can help you with they encourage you to get in touch.

For use on 600-03 brake and clutch hose, they use these very useful little mandrel tools – an inexpensive way to ease the assembly of Goodridge -3 brake hose and fittings. Visit GOODRIDGE FLARING MANDREL.

The mandrel fits inside the hose, flaring out the stainless-steel braiding away from the PTFE lining which means you can fit the brass olive onto the PTFE lining easily, securely and without cutting your fingers! A must if you are building up lots of hoses.

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