If a screw, bolt or other fastener is really difficult to access, perhaps on an engine, or under an inlet manifold, etc, a crow’s foot wrench can be the tool of choice to reach around or under obstacles. However, there is an alternative: these mini ratchets from Laser Tools can allow the use of a standard socket in these situations.

Three sizes are available: a 1/4in drive (part number 8077), and 3/8in drive (part number 8078) or a 1/2in drive version (part number 8079). You can also purchase all three as a handy set (part number 8080).

The 1/4in drive version is 48mm long with a head depth of just 9mm; it can apply a maximum torque of 78 Nm. The 3/8in drive example is 62mm long with a head depth of just 11mm. Maximum torque is 245 Nm. The 1/2in drive ratchet is also 62mm long with a head depth of 11mm and can also apply a maximum torque of 245 Nm.

All the mini ratchets boast smooth 72-teeth ratchet mechanisms and are ideally used with a combination of an extension bar and a torque wrench. This lets you apply torque settings to hard-to-reach fasteners. The 8080 set of three is supplied in a useful foam tray designed to sit neatly in the tool cabinet drawer.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist and they are typically priced at £26.66 (8077), £36.67 (8078), £38.02 (8079) and £107.71 for the 8080 set of three (all prices include VAT). Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

More details from www.lasertools.co.uk ENDS.